Our Story

If there’s one thing we could use more of in this day and age, it’s a more evolved and heightened sense of humanity. To us it starts with a deeply felt love of our co-habitants here on planet Earth. Accepting people for who they are, not finding fault with what they aren’t. Savoring diversity, while never losing sight of commonalities.  

Can a wine remind us of what’s important in life, and help us all get along? On some small level, we think the answer is yes. It’s why we created Be Human wines. Sourced from the renowned Horse Heaven Hills and Columbia Valley AVA’s, this family of luscious reds and Rosé covers the spectrum from light, crisp and fruity to bold, rich and intensely aromatic.

It’s wine for the human race — for our tapestry of voices and choices. With the recognition that what makes us different, makes us wonderful.


The Columbia Valley is home to the most storied AVA’s in Washington state, including Red Mountain and Horse Heaven Hills. Predominantly south-facing, Washington’s largest viticultural region couples warm sun and great drainage, thanks to the Columbia River, to produce wines that are fruit-forward, yet retain some of the structure of European wines.


Approximately 16,000 acres, Horse Heaven Hills is the home of many of Washington's best wines — some rated 100 points. Great gusts of wind arriving out of the Columbia Gorge cool this warm southeastern Washington AVA. The wide prairies offer broad expanses of silty terrain and clear-blue skies; the perfect recipe for delicious, approachable wines and a place once described as “heaven for horses."



Farming grapes and crafting wine are complementary art forms. Excelling at either requires not only knowledge specific to each, but a deeply born passion for the cultivation of the vine, an almost religious approach to its refinement, and an occasional nudge from forces that cannot be explained or controlled.

Perhaps most important, though, is the farmer’s and winemaker’s mutual dependence, and the knowledge that by standing next to each other, they fill each other’s gaps, and in so doing become the strength for each other.

This story is played out by Gianfranco Farimbella, our vineyard manager and Joshua Maloney, our consulting winemaker; each a master in his own right but together a force of nature. One coaxes grapes to their highest potential, the other guides their journey to the bottle, both exercising their crafts with subtleties detectable to the rest of us only on the nose and palette months, sometimes years, later.

“I feel like making wine brings joy to the world,” says Joshua. “It’s a small thing, but it makes me feel like I’m being human.”

We agree, Joshua. Maybe even superhuman.



Vineyard Manager

With over 26 years of dedication to producing exceptional grapes, Will Beightol brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the wine industry. Growing up in Washington State's grape country on a family orchard and farm, Will began his career by planting vines, giving him a unique perspective on the process from the ground up.



Consulting Winemaker

“Since the early 90’s, I have spent more than 40,000 hours learning and refining my approach to winemaking. And, while I freely admit we aren’t plugging the ozone layer, I do believe what we do — making wine — makes the world a more joyful place.”